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We are a technology driven company specialized in the field of “Vacuum Engineering”. We bring you a global product range from the best of manufacturers,offering advanced technology. Our special focus on “Vacuum Applications”, allows us to offer world class integrated solutions under one roof, supported by best in class service. Our products include a range of Vacuum pumps, Vacuum pumping systems,leak detectors, leak detection systems, accessories/spares and other services. If you are looking for vacuum pump manufacturer in Vadodara, your search ends here. We specialise in Rotary Vane Pumps, Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump, Dry Pump, Mechanical Booster Pump, Diffusion Pump and Rotary Piston Pump.

Some of our associates are Shinko Seiki, MIL’s, Glotech Global Technologies, Inficon,Kontikab and Capitol. Vacuum pumps are used to eliminate gas molecules from any sealed volume by leaving partial vacuum behind, most commonly used to produce electric lamps and vacuum tubes to process semiconductors.

Pumps can be broadly categorized according to three techniques, namely; Positive Displacement Pump, Momemtum Transfer Pump, Regenerative Pump and Entrapment Pump. Pumping speed of these vacuum pump refers to the volume flow rate of a pump at its inlet, measured in volume per unit of time.

Vacuum systems are placed into the following broad-based grouping of pressure ranges:

1. Rough/Low Vacuum: >Atmosphere to 1 Torr

2. Medium Vacuum: 1 Torr to 10 raise to 3 Torr

3. High Vacuum: 10 raise to 3 Torr to 10 raise to 7 Torr

4. Ultra High Vacuum: 10 raise to 7 Torr to 10 raise to 11 Torr

5. Extreme High Vacuum: < 10 raise to 11 Torr

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