Helium Leak Testing Services

Helium Leak Testing is a specialized job. Finding a very small leak could be extremely tricky. Usually, the need for Helium Leak Testing arises when the vacuum pumping system is not able to achieve the desired vacuum or in cyclic processes the cycle time is increased due to leakages. Sometimes the leakage also affects the quality of the product being manufactured. Hence it needs expertise and a good understanding of Helium Leak Testing Concepts along with practical knowledge of various applications.


Expert Helium Leak Testing Services for varied applications & products

We have been providing helium leak testing services to large number of Customers for varied applications and products like:

  • Vacuum Furnace, Vacuum Metallizers, Vacuum Coating Machines, Vacuum Sterilizers, Lyophilizer, Auto claves, etc.
  • Pipelines carrying hazardous gases/ inflammable gases such as CNG, LPG or Methane.
  • Products that are going to be filled with Green House gases or environment unfriendly gases such as SF6.
  • Helium leak Testing services for “Type Testing” of products - Tekman offers support to its customers by helping them to choose the right leak testing method, developing testing fixtures, defining test procedures, and handling technical data such as leak rate conversions.


Expertise in handling critical Helium Leak Testing Jobs

Tekman’s expert team is highly skilled in conducting leak detection in complex plant or systems. With more than 10 years of experience in the Leak Testing field, our Engineers have built up their capability & expertise in handling critical jobs for various applications.


Efficient Service with complete readiness

We value our customers’ precious time and would ensure to make their service experience hustle free. Our Engineers come well prepared & equipped with the necessary accessories such as cylinder regulator, necessary connecting tubes, spray probe (and sniffer probe if necessary) along with the Helium Leak Detector. Thus, Customer doesn’t have to worry about last minute arrangements that are necessarily required to execute a smooth and effective Helium Leak Testing Service.


Cost effective Service

We take pride in stating that the efficiency & expertise provided by our Engineers lead to significant cost savings for the Customer. With an efficient + expert approach, the leak testing time reduces significantly, which further also reduces production downtime at Customer’s end.


Quick Service. Quicker Solution

Tekman team is experienced and efficient to provide onsite Helium Leak Testing Services. Our setups are fully equipped and can be carried directly to the site. The availability of necessary equipment whenever required & with the backing of multiple-trained engineers, we can provide quick solutions to our customers.


Customer Satisfaction, Our priority

Being responsible and being committed are our core values and our team has been conditioned to always prioritize the Customer over anything else. Tekman ensures maximum customer satisfaction as our team is highly experienced and responsive in understanding the customer requirements quickly.


Robust Service Network at PAN India level

We understand the Customer’s need & priorities and hence have built a robust network of Service Engineers at PAN India level. This enables us to provide services at short notice at different locations across India.

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